Bonkas VS SP140 battery

What’s better or different between using 4x 6s Bonkas vs the SP140 battery? Both setups would be a ~2kwh pack and 24s6p.

SP140 will have a BMS built in and cover. that might be your determining factor if both offer 2kw.

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The X4 is designed to run at 48V give or take. The 6S o or 7S Bonkas are grouped in two pairs. I.e 12S or max 7S

The sp140 is, I think, 90 volts. Plugging the sp140 pack into the X4 electronics will fry it.

I’ve recently noticed that the park next to the field I fly from has an EV charging station. Would be fun to be able to use that to do a fast charge. One day maybe

grejen771, I wasn’t talking about the X4, I was referring to using 4 bonkas(6s) in series to achieve the same 24s (~90v) as the sp140. I am working on an ePPG swap using a lot of the same components as the sp140. Just seeing if there is a benefit to the sp140 battery over 4 bonkas(6s) in series.

It would be great if we could use an EV charging station though!

The sp140 battery would have roughly an extra 0.3 kw of energy. Which equates to almost 5 minutes of flight extra flight.

Honestly the biggest reason for going with the SP140 pack is that it has Li-Ion cells and a built in BMS. Because of this, they are a lot safer, they will last a lot longer, and are far easier to use than any LiPo battery.