Bonka 7S Europa

Hi all,
If you know a place to order 7S Bonka batteries in Europa (deliver in Netherland or Belgium) please feel free to share the store links!
I have difficulties ordering batteries for my batch 4.

Keep up the great work!!

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6S as well…Mee too would like to get some

Same here… No luck on the Bonkas, in europe I am thinking about ordering on aliexpress, to tell you how desperate I am ^^

Also no luck on 7s I only find 6s…

Found these on ALIexp. No tax for EU…

Hi… I was about to order 6 of these (178€~$/battery)when I saw the last post. Shipping is faster on the 2pach that seem to have a metallic protector on the edge of the battery, but I get 4 instead of 6 for the same price… delivery is variable… would anyone dare flying with the ones I found?
For in info I went to a local store asking for this type of lipo battery and they were unable to sell or order me any. Aliexpress it will be…

Same dilemma… The difference might be the customs tax and merwesteuer…

@zjwhitehead , @Pdwhite is it an option to order the 7S bonka`s at our shop and have it shipped to Europa. Can you ask your suppler whet the extra shipping cost wil be?

In the lack of reply(since august and 2 trys) for an order on openppg, I ordered on aliexpress (6s’s), and have to wait for delivery, I’ll let you know when they arrive.

Did you fill out the form here?

Yes, I did twice.
A few month ago and 2 weeks ago.
I will do it one more time today.
Hope you get the form.

I also did it twice… with 3weeks in between, to give it some time…
Now I ordered somewhere else.

Where did you order?
Did you ordered Bonka batteries?

Filled out 1x no answer

as stated in a previous message, I ordered 6 on aliexpress, but I made a bet on them… will see if it pays off. I am stil waiting for delivery… (but as one of the shipment of the OpenPPG got lost by the mail delivery, I have to wait anyway…)

I had a quote yesterday for 8 batteries from darian@open…
Hope you also had a quote.

@zjwhitehead do you know darian@openpp… ? Is he part of your team? He contacted me for the Order of 7s bonka’s. I’m not sure it is a scam and I have to ask my money back from PayPall.

Yes he’s been helping us with international orders. Always good to double check but he’s legit

Hi Flyingtiger56. Did you buy the TCBworth Lipos?? I would be interested to hear your experience since I was planning on ordering 4 of these from Ali express. (I live in the UK).

Hi, I have 6 of these (RC LiPo batterie 6S 22.2V 22000mAh 25C ) bought from aliexpress
I charged them, and discharged them on the charger, but I am still waiting for some replacement parts from Paul and Zach, so I haven’t been in the air with them.
I have to say, it takes a long time to get the batteries delivered, but they were OK-ishly packed, no damage on transport, BUT wrong mount on the XT150 connector, they made a mistake when they soldered the connectors (they inverted male and female parts)
So, I’d say it is OK due to the immediate possibility for order and availability…and price.
I’d still go for it in the lack of anything better for what i’ve found.
I hope to hear from Paul and Zach soon, so I can finally test-fly them and report…