Beginner Wing Wanted

Hi Guys,

I am excited about learning to fly paramotors, so have decided I am going to start collecting all my gear before I start taking lessons from the pro’s.

I thought I would just see what might be out there available as Beginner wings for sale.

Before you start collecting gear i would try and meet up with some pilots around you and talk to them and familiarize yourself with how it all works, so you don’t end up with some gear you don’t like or is going to make it harder to learn on. (I learned on a not so great wing and motor and it was frustrating im glad i pushed through but some people will quit when if they had an easier wing they wouldnt have the same hard time)

Now if you can find a very cheap wing that you can use just for kiting and watch some good videos on the fundamentals of kiting so you don’t learn bad habits that’s a good way to start if you really want to get some gear thats what i would do first.

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Hey Donnan. Take a lesson or three before you decide on gear.
There is a Facebook page for used paramotor stuff that gets a lot of traffic.

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thanks for your reply. Yes, it makes alot of sense. I think I was jumping the gun a bit now.

yes…thanks for the advice. I agree after thinking about it more.

As someone still in training (i have about 14 flights and approx 25 hours of instruction) i would say dont buy anything until you have had 10 or 20 flights. I was in your position in the spring…a few good deals came up on local buy and sell for wings and/or motor & harness and i was tempted but i can now say i am very glad i did not buy then. I now know exactly which wing and size i want and somewhat more flexible on motor/ frame. My instructor said dont waste money on a kiting practice wing and i now agree with him. Training makes all the difference.


I certainly wouldn’t recommend a new wing to use for kiting/ground handling. I settled on a used wing to start with for a few reasons.

  1. I could use it for ground handling without worry about damage to a brand new wing.
  2. My initial investment was much lower (<50% of a new wing and harness) so I could get to doing that practice on my own that much quicker.
  3. Something suitable became available at a good price.

I guess it’s not really a ‘kiting’ wing. I fly it. You need experience with the wing you’re going to use so having a separate wing just for ground handling practice doesn’t make sense for getting started. You might want to by a kiting wing later just because you enjoy kiting a wing (I do) and it’s more convenient than actually flying (probably true for most people).

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