Beginner question

I am a new member. Could someone tell me where to start in the community forum.

The search feature works really good if you have specific questions.

I don’t have a specific question yet. I am looking for a general introduction to Open ppl.

Start by reading everything on and then if you have questions do a search on the forum like I suggested. Otherwise just scroll through the threads. Not sure what your goal is here.

haha. That is what I did. It’s kind of sick and you’re better of spending time with family, but you can sieve out the info you are most likely looking for. At the bottom of each thread there are links to other threads that get you thinking about things you might not have already thought about searching for. Keep doing this until its all read.

What did you do Les? I said read the info about the motor on the homepage, not read the whole forum. :slight_smile: There is a whole years worth of conversations on here!

oooh, I thought everyone ends up reading the whole forum? :grin: GliderPilot is usually spot on.

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I’ve read the whole thing over the course of a year as it was being written.

Thank you. I am new to E-PPG. Actually I am new to PPG but fascinated and impressed by your initiative in starting this group.
I will start by doing what you suggest.

The designers of OpenPPG (Pdwhite and zjwhitehead) started this forum. There’s a lot of good information on here from people all over the world.

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