Battery transport

I grabbed the packaging foam from the original shipping box and a bit of duck tape to keep the individual pieces together. Super light. Works great!


This is what I’m using for storage and transport. :slight_smile:

I just keep them in the original packaging

The reason why I left an opening at the end was for the handle sticking out as well as not bending the cables too much while giving enough room for the custom plug cover I made. It stays well vented and can’t be any lighter than that. Actually during the past seasons I was just placing the battery on the passenger seat for transport. I just didn’t want to toss the foam in the garbage - I like to repurpose things instead of buying new ones. The cardboard box was shredded and was mixed in my garden compost pile (carbon) material when mixed with grass clippings (nitrogen) makes great compost for the vegies😃


I do the original box and foam myself for both batteries. Plan on building aluminum or wood boxes and original foam soon.