Battery low voltage alarms

Happy Easter all. I recently added low voltage alarms to all four of my bonks batteries. I’m having issues. Yesterday I took off and one alarm sounds only 1 min into the flight. After about 5 min all four were going off. Take off voltage was 58.1v. I have 14s setup. At full throttle lowest voltage I saw was 50.8v, that’s 3.6v per cell. The alarms were all set to 3.3v. Any ideas why they all went off? This has happened twice nice. And all cells after landing are at about 3.8v still. Are the cells really dropping below 3.3v with full throttle? I don’t understand how as I watched the voltage on the throttle and did not see it drop below 50v.

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Are they quality alarms. You might have to put them on a know accurate variable DC out supply to see when they get triggered.
Good luck

Standard alarms everyone uses on lipo’s from Amazon. I’ll have to test maybe got batch of faulty sensors.