Battery fire risk in storage

Is there a fire risk with the SP140 large battery when stored and the ambient temperature exceeds a certain threshold?

I’ve read some things about thermal runaway in lithium batteries. Is that possible when not being charged?

I’m thinking about just keeping the battery in the back of my truck, in a toolbox, under a tonneau cover. (I’ll take it out to charge it).

Is road vibration or ambient temperature a safety risk for these batteries?

I’m Jack and I don’t know… much. Thanks for your advice.

Tesla cars have the most advance batteries and BMS/controllers in the world and they still catch on fire. You do the math.

there is only one possible single source of error in batteries. the person who does not understand the technology or consciously uses it incorrectly or damages it. if you transport a battery such as a notebook, large battery packs from tools, you will never have any problems.

I’m currently helping friends to build housings for batteries for e-motocross ( 15 kilowatts class ). the load here is very high due to shock ( jumps … ), vibration, water, etc. but I see absolutely no problem with using li-ion batteries here.

Ya the math is very clear Tesla’s are something like 11x lower chance of fire then the average ICE car in the US. Ya sure there is always a risk but i would take the one with the lowest risk. So ya Tesla are the safest cars in the world for a reason.

@Jack ya most all risk to battery’s is with it being poorly managed, they don’t just random short or overheat. If you are going to transport your Sp140 battery around in your truck i would but it in the foam case it ships with that will keep it from getting banged up in the truck.


Good points made. There is always a little bit of risk – I live with with it :grin:.

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