Battery exchange network or flying scooters?

OK just for fun wouldn’t it be a whole new world if flying Electric PPG were as accessible as driving a scooter?
Then we could do something like this!

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haha that’s a pretty cool system. It would take a lot to set one up though. it works great for that country as scooters are common.
i was thinking of building a 18650 pack and seeing if i cant “supercharge” them. i mean Tesa does it. so why cant we?

This looks like a pretty nice charger, not supercharger but nice and small and pretty powerful at 10amps.

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oh cool thanks i bookmarked it. I’ll definitely consider it when i start buying the batteries.

Your idea is not as silly as you might think. For any technology to succeed, you need a lot of research and development to get rid of all the kinks, and that cost a lot of money. If you can piggyback on someone else’s investment you would obviously have an advantage. Since there is more money being spent on escooters and ebikes than e-paramotors, finding a way to tap into that would make sense. Either by using their batteries like in the video, or by getting an adapter for a car supercharger. Soon they will be everywhere. Imagine just landing to take a leak, and by the time you are finished, the batteries have been topped up.

There’s a dream! Traveling by e-ppg like one would on a motorbike.

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