Battery containment bag

I plan on storing my SP140 battery indoors and am concerned with the possibility of a spontaneous thermal runaway. I’ve seen large battery containment bags on airliners designed to contain runaway laptops, PEDs, etc and was hoping to find something similar that was big enough for an SP140 battery for peace of mind during storage. Does anyone use something like this? Is a nonsensical concern?


I had a similar question the other day. I am living in an RV and was wondering if the constant movement and occasional off-road rumbling require special storage for the battery.

Lift, the efoiling company recommends their users to store their battery in a special fire proof housing made by Zarges: Lift Foils | eFoil Accessories | Zarges Case

You can find more about their product here:

As far as I can tell they only offer one standardized size, which probably won’t fit the SP140 battery. Maybe it would be worthwhile for OpenPPG to make an official request (there is a form on that link above) and add this as an accessory to their shop just like Lift is doing it?!

My suggestion aside, do you guys believe I need to store my battery in such a specialized case when traveling or is it safe to leave it in my SP140?

Thanks in advance!

To have such a customized box for the SP140 battery might also solve the air traveling issue some people were reporting here in the forum.

As far as I understood the video on the Zarges website, flying with batteries is allowed if they are appropriately secured…

Baggage equipped with lithium batteries must be carried as carry-on baggage unless the batteries are removed from the baggage. Removed batteries must be carried in accordance with the provision for spare batteries.

This restriction in checked baggage does not apply to baggage containing lithium metal batteries with a lithium content not exceeding 0.3 grams, or lithium ion batteries with a Watt-hour rating not exceeding 2.7 Wh.

See the regulation: 49 CFR 175.10(a)(26)

View our illustrated guide on Airline Passengers and Batteries(PDF).