Battery constantly sliding out

Hey there,

Is anyone else experiencing a loose battery in the SP140? I just have to bend over the wrong way and the battery comes sliding toward my head. Recently I had a rougher landing and it even slid out so much that the power disconnected.

Did I miss anything during Setup or assembly? Has Anyone come up with a creative solution for this?


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I have not run into this problem, but that is an easy fix…use a Velcro strap over the top. I don’t use one on my SP140, but I do use an 1 1/2" Velcro strap my X4 to hold the battery assembly in place…and it weighs about 22lbs.:+1:
Good luck!

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This happened to me twice. Tripped once on take off and then tripped again on landing. Battery slid out the top and disconnected. Since then I’ve put a 2” wide velcro strap around it. Same velcro that came with one of my gliders. I double the use of this strap to keep the prop from spinning while it’s on my car rack.


It’s happened to me when setting up. I’ve gotten better at not doing it. I have a click strap, that I seldom use, but I like the velcro idea better. I’m going to try that.

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