Battery choice for lightweight

I live in the uk and had no trouble getting the bonka batteries

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Great! Can I ask where you found them?
6S or 7S?
Whereabouts do you live?

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Hi they are 6s and they were shipped throught open ppg
I am in Lincolnshire

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Ah. I’m not sure if they ship now from the states to the uk?
Do you fly with 2 or 4?
I am up in Newcastle by the way.

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Does anyone out there fly with 2 batteries? (2x22000 or equivalent)?

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here some infos and a video 2 and 4 bonkas

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Here a test with 2 and 4 bonkas

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It will damage your investment. Fire is a possibility but that’s more likely to happen from over-charging them. Over amp draw and over heat will make them swell. Once they swell you shouldn’t use them for the sake of safety.

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do you mean over-discharging or over-charging?

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Overdischarge is the risk while flying and critical.

-one time i forgot to turn off a small drone well and checked it after about 5 hrs.

The effect was my first puffed battery that was really hot and totally destroyed.

I was really surprised how hot it was so long after beeing too empty to fly a very small drone.

I could even that battery load after 2 starts of a cheap loader but it never got full enough to stop charging but showed the right voltage when drone was turned on.

But at first start it lost power within 20 seconds to more than empty.

This was my first litium battery that was destroyed, when i see a puffed battery in the future i will not try to charge it anymore, bonkas can be repaired when you change the puffed part.

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Sorry, I meant to say over charging gives the biggest fire risk. I fixed my post above.

I live in the UK so cannot get Bonka.

Hi Andy,

I’m in the UK and also want some Bonka batteries. I’ve been looking at placing a large order direct from China.

The shipping restrictions are max 35kg in a single shipment. I need 8x 22Ah 6S which comes to about 21kg. Happy to get the quote and arrange shipping to here and then forward to you and we can share the shipping charges?
If we place a large order we also get a better price.

If you’re looking for a lightweight setup, based on things I’ve read on here, you really need at least 4x batteries because of heating, but you could go for 4x 16Ah maybe? That’s 2 series, with 2 sets in parallel.

Are you looking for 6S or 7S batteries?

I’m also looking to import a charger too if you need one? I’m based near Coventry.


Appreciate the offer. However I haven’t decided yet on battery choice: As Voltaire states, 2 bonkas are no good: they heat up too much. I am torn between trying 2 of the high C batteries I mention above or giving up on the light weight option then I would maybe choose 4 bonkas but depends on cost and I might choose a 40c instead. I would prefer light weight if possible but I hear in these posts that the c rating cannot be trusted. I am thinking the “150c” will not be anywhere near to that but must be better than 25c bonkas. I was even thinking of 3 of the 150c batteries: would still be lighter than 4xbonkas. Another issue: the max amp 150c batteries are waterproof: I was wondering if this makes them more dangerous in an overheat?? (More of an explosion than a fire??) does anyone know about that?

You need 2 - 4 - 6- or 8 batteries to have the right voltage alt least 2 serial or 2+ another 2 serial parallel or 2+2+2 serial parallel
Max you have space for 2+2+2+2 serial parallel packages.

You cant use 3 bonkas or 150 c 's

Only 2 or 4 or 6 or 8

The watertightness should not be negative,

All batteries are sealed in a way so also bonkas are close together and no air can cool the cells between each other even if they are not stated as waterproof.

Higher c ratings will keep them cooler even if they are not high as predictet.

Hi. The 150c batteries are 12s therefore 44volts so surely you could have 3??

No worries, I’m not in a particular rush. I have some other things I need to sort out before ordering.

Agreed you should be considering the C rating, but it should be treated as the max current draw, so for continuous you should be staying well below. It’s basically a rating of the internal resistance.

So for the openppg from what I’ve read, max climb is 80A per motor, x4 that’s 320A. Let’s say you are happy with 10C draw at prolonged climb. 320/10=32Ah

Really you need some temperature measurements of the batteries under different loadings. I wouldn’t be happy for the battery to go up by more than about 5-10degC. Because the batteries are quite large, the temp in the middle could be a lot higher than that.

Yes as you say I suppose the only way is for someone to buy these batteries and monitor the temperature: I might do that but haven’t even got the x4 kit yet! By the way where are you located racitup?

You are right, did not see the 12 s …

You could ping the supplier or manufacturer of that 12S battery to see what they recommend as continuous current draw.

Do you expect to do prolonged climbs or mainly level cruise? Also what is your weight? Those things will make a big difference to current draw.

I’m near Coventry.