Battery bypass solution?

basically a solution that has been used by many in e-motorcross for a long time when it comes to the best performance and great peak power that is required. you can do the same with many other e-mobility vehicles if you have enough specialist knowledge and manual skills. the magic word is “bypass” current draw. the means briefly explains that you build a second line from the cells directly to the esc.

the bms system remains installed normally and then has the main task of balancing when charging, which is completely sufficient for brand cells. As already mentioned, only do this if you know exactly what you are doing.

Especially when it comes to high voltage. you will find many hints as well as pros and cons in forums from zb. surron drivers. but only take the people seriously who actively drive themselves and convert batteries. just ignore the many theorists.

what am I doing personally after more than 10 years of eppg?

I enjoy building lots of water sports equipment for myself and my family. e-foil, e-kayak, 2 motor catamaran, and now jet surfboards with 100 mm jet propulsion at 15 kilowatts.

why am I telling you this?

simply because I want to make sure that you can drive everything possible with eppg batteries and don’t have to invest anything here anymore. with a 2.5 kw/h battery as an example you can have 1.5 hours of fun with an e-foilboard etc.


Do You mean to bypass the Power MOSFET key from BMS?

Yes and just using the BMS for charging.

Yes, doing like this, Rds and voltage drop on PCB will be eliminated, but some safety mechansms as well. It depedns on the BMS type.