Batteries Shipping

Have you thought that there may be problems sending the batteries to some country of Europe, for example? It would be a good idea to send the batteries separately?

It definitely gets complicated shipping batteries, especially large ones like ones needed for human flight.
We most likely won’t be shipping any batteries and will encourage people to purchase them separately for two reasons:

  1. Regulatory and logistical overhead
  2. Shipping cost and speed

Since for the first version we aren’t doing anything custom with the actual batteries it will make sense for most people to purchase recommended ones from a local supplier directly.

Will you provide links where you got yours?

Such as Hobbyking etc…

I’m sure @Pdwhite can chime it but anything that we suggest purchasing that isn’t included in a kit we will provide info in our guides on where to purchase etc.

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I can’t speak for the EU or other parts of the world. But as for the US. lithium should ship just fine. Only thing is that UPS doesn’t ship lithium batteries. I do some work with a jumpstarter company and lithium should be fine for the most part. AGM batteries are also no problem. I might also be able to help everyone get their batteries, but don’t hold me to it just yet.