Batteries in Canada?


Anyone got a good source for big batteries in Canada? The Hobby King guys don’t seem to ship the big ones to Canada, and I’m finding a lot of other websites not allowing it either:

Would love some suggestions if you guys have them.


The last time I ordered batteries a couple yrs ago for my tricycle was from a place in China called EV assembly - I made an 48V15AHpack using the Headways – I had thought they carried other kinds but looks like now they only carry the LiFePO4 cells and packs.
The Headway 8Ah has a good discharge of 200A continous… I take that with a grain of salt
I liked the headways for the easy connection system
Here is my 15Ah cells for my bike

For the covers I took some Lexan and melted it over a piece of 2x4 as it was the same width I needed - I would use a more fire proof box for flying - but this is on the back of my trike so if it catches on fire no harm to me.
EV Assemble
U can pick to have the site to show you CAD$ - top right corner
Good luck in your quest
Cheers, Patrick


I’m also in Canada. Might have to ship them to a friend in the US then have them ship them to Canada.


@dzubot - I’d recommend against that. I actually was part of the Bonka group buy that @pdwhite arranged, and while it took forever and I was almost the last one to receive batteries, they did get here.

Shipping batteries is tricky, and even reshipping them from a US destination might (will) cause trouble. These batteries are Class 9 dangerous good, and you technically need a licensed shipper to make these shipments, so I would try to get a dropship from the mfgr if you can…


I’m hopeful mine should arrive soon as I was also part of the bonka buy group! :disappointed:


genstattu do ship to the CA, but if your battery power over 100w, you need to pay for dangerous goods transportation fee。


Hi folks, I just received four 14S 10Ah batteries from GenceAce and I’m probably going to sell two at some points after my testings. They were not ordered for a ppg project but since the esc’s can handle 14s I think they could do the job (and that’s why I’ll keep two).

I’m in Eastern Canada (NS).