Batteries for Europe?


As the batteres won’t be shipped to Germany, can anyone recomment where and what to buye in Europe?

I’ll need something similar to the Bonka 22000mAh 7S LiPo Battery but orderable from Germany!

What are you using in your X4?

Every help on this would be very much appreciated!



It seems ldpower plans to organize a group-order of bonkas for germany, they are listed as official retailer for bonka battery packs for germany.
I wrote to gerd AT


Thanks for that, I’ll drop him a mail right now…!

I found something which could also work on ebay, 7s with 22000 mAh, but that was at 400 Euro/battery…so 1600 Euros/1900 USD to equip the X4…!

Hi, I resigned myself to use non-bonka batts, and they do work well. I chose 6s because it was easyer to find a charger at the time, and it still all runs.
There is a topic on that on the forum already (166usd/6s battery was the price I payd, delivered from China. I could not find a single French retailer in my area willing to sell me those kind of batteries. )
Have nice flights!

I would see if you can just get the housing or the specs(dimensions) 1st of the housing and than see if someone there can make a battery pack for you to fit in it.
I cant imagine not taking advantage of the form factor these guys have put together.