Batch 6 handles 7s?

The new x4 batch 6 can handle 7s. Im considering ordering batch 6 and need to know what the 7s option will do for me. Can I fly with less cells or is it still only practical to fly with a minimum of 4 cells. Im referring to the bonka cells they sell on the site 22000mah.

It’s a lot harder to take off with 6S but it’s doable and I’ve done it several times. It’s designed to use 7S and has more power that way. Even with 7S packs you should use at least 4 packs. I assume you meant 4 packs not 4 cells.

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Thanks that makes sense . Yeah four packs .

What type of battery connectors comes in the batch 6 kits? Is it XT150 or XT90?

XT150. If you buy Bonkas through this site, they also come fitted with XT150.

So, I am mostly ready with all my various connectors, but how do I get the 7s plug adapted to the weird 9-pin slot on the charger? Will a regular 9-pin cable work if I cut off one of the “teeth”? Assuming I will then need an adapter board. All this mix-and-match stuff is frustrating.

It will plug right in. Just make sure the plug is oriented with the ribs towards the slots and it is offset to the top of the opening (relative to your picture). It is normal for those chargers to have more pins than you have balance wires, since it’s capable of charging more cells in series than your batteries have.

Ahhhhhh ok I get it now.

Is that picture from the side of a T8?

Yes. I got it all figured out, works nicely.

Cool. I’m in the process of building my charge system as well. Got a couple of DPS-1200fba’s, the T8, some connectors, and balance board. Just waiting for the batch 6 to ship. Did you get the XT60-XT150 connectors also to plug into the T8? Thanks

I Soldered up an adaptor.

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Outstanding! Thanks for that. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words or so.