Batch 4 voltage measuring and output

Does the Batch4 Voltage divider has 12v or 5v out?

Do we have a 5v power outlet on the PCB?

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There is no voltage divider in Batch 4 like in the previous batches.
The system is complete reworked to be digital first.

That first picture is the DC to DC converter that takes the 60v from the batteries and steps it down to 5v for the rest of the system. (Originally that was going to be handled by the BMS)
The voltage and amperage numbers come from the ESCs via their telemetry connection.

If you’re looking for an extra 5v output you can connect to the same connection that supplies power to the hub PCB (second picture)
The hub and the controller both run on 5v

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O.k., thank you very much!

If I put a SD card in, does it automatically store all the telemetry data?
What data can I show then in excel?

Thank you for your time in advance…

Yes thats correct, just insert in the microSD card and power on.
You’ll notice that each time the unit is powered on it will create a new csv file with the log data from each motor for your flight.

The log data covers current throttle, motor RPM, voltage, current, mAh, ESC capacitor temperature and fet temperature for each ESC. (code)
The hub doesnt have a built in RTC for keeping time so it just stamps each log row from the time since it booted up.

That is great!
We will have much better data comparison for >
Actual flight times survey

Thank you again…

@Pdwhite and @zjwhitehead Can we swap out the old electronics (batch 3 here) to the new boards?

Will they work (and read the correct voltage and amperage) with my custom 13S20P Li-Ion battery?

how much is the setup with shipping to Germany?

Yes electronics upgrades are pretty simple and the batch 4 will work with any voltage that is compatible with the ESCs since the data is coming from them now.

The package for the two circuit boards etc isn’t too big so shipping wont be much.
PM me and I can get you set up.

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Are those boards available now?

Yeah heres the shop page for the complete batch 4 electronics

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