Batch 4 SolidWorks Files

@Pdwhite and @zjwhitehead
We know you are extremely busy whit the great work on the single prop design, witch we love!

When you have 5 minutes time, can you please, please, please, upload the batch 4 Solidworks files to the github , ?

I think the main difference are the 3D printed Latch and the motor arms.

If you like and give me acces to the github I can also upload the latest @GliderPilot .stl files like the hinge stop, …

Thanks for the great work you are doing!!!


I would love that too, maybe STEP, i cannot open SW… Thanks…

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Hi, i would like simply to print the frame parts on paper to make 1/1 stencils. Can you help me with a simple solution ? Thanks.

What do you mean, You need the design on some vector image ? DXF would be OK ?

Hi Tigertiki,

I don’t know what would be the good file for printing it on A3 or A2 paper size. Maybe just a PDF file ? I just want to reproduce the different parts of the frame on plywood, for this I need stencils with exact size. Maybe i can make also a test with DXF files, i am just not very familiar with these softwares.

Thank you for your help.



@laurent1245 Hi, i tried to put an Arm to 3 pdf files, try them out, if is OK i will do the rest for you. (ArmA.pdf (13.3 KB) ArmB.pdf (8.6 KB) ArmC.pdf (5.6 KB) The end of the arm has no big holes anymore only two small ones )

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Hi, thanks for the pdf files. I printed them “as they came” and put them together. It came to an arm that mesures 54 cm (21,2598 in), see picture. Is this the correct size of this arm ? If yes, i would be very pleased to recieve the other parts of this great paramotor. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi, i printed the files on A4 sheets at 100%. It gives me the correct size of 564 mm. Please check your printing settings , it should be 56,4 cm not 54. So my files are correct. Figure it out on your end and if you confirm i will make the rest too.

Hi Tigertiki, you are absolutely right. I reprinted them paying attention to 100% and it came to 564mm. You did a great job. Looking forward for the next parts. Thank you so much.

Best greatings.


Splendid job tigertiki. I’ve also printed out your acrobat pages and intend to try building a ply framework. I want to have another go at building my two overlapped propeller machine. There’s a clip of my last (failed) attempt somewhere on this group. With a better cage system it may still work. I look forward to seeing the rest of the frame files and just wanted to offer my thanks for the effort you’re putting in. Cheers.

@laurent1245 @paul_oz Hi, i made them if you need more let me know. (Tubing, hinges etc…)base plate A.pdf (18.0 KB) base plate B.pdf (18.9 KB) Goosneck A.pdf (77.1 KB) Goosneck B.pdf (96.2 KB) inner leg A.pdf (7.7 KB) inner leg B.pdf (5.6 KB) inner leg C.pdf (5.0 KB) main plate A.pdf (56.5 KB) Main plate B.pdf (54.1 KB) Main plate C.pdf (54.4 KB) Main plate D.pdf (52.4 KB) motor support plate.pdf (8.0 KB) outer leg A.pdf (7.9 KB) outer leg B.pdf (6.8 KB) outer leg C.pdf (4.9 KB)


Hello Tigertiki, almost perfect. A little part is missing on “inner leg A” and “outer leg A”. Not very bad, but maybe you can adjust the PDF, it looks like it could fit on the same page.

Thanks again for your help. Looking forward starting to cut the plywood parts.



@laurent1245 Here you go… How could i missed that ? … Multitasking not my thing…inner leg D.pdf (6.6 KB) outer leg D.pdf (7.4 KB)

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@tigertiki Great, i have printed all the PDF pages and assembled them. Started to figure out how all fits together. Found out thought that the part “motor_mount” (the second plate for the motor assembly) is not in your PDF list. Has something changed in the latest OpenPPG version ? If still needed, could you please also add this part ?

Again, thanks a lot for your fantastic job.


@laurent1245 Hi here it is. motor mount and plate.pdf (20.0 KB)

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@tigertiki, Hi, many thanks again. So far, i think i have all the parts needed to start my project. Just to khow, how did you produce the PDF files ? Is it complicated ? Does it need quite a bit of software work ?

Best regards.

@laurent1245, Hi, you welcome. Not that much, i opened the step files in Rhino, rotated flat and exported in in PDF via window at 100%…

Can anyone tell me what CAD system the original design was done in? Paul.W?
As its being shared in A360, I was wondering if the original is in Autodesk inventor.
If so, I would love a copy of that!

Failing that, has anyone asembled the STEP files in Inventor and could share the assembly?
Failing that, I’ll do it myself!

And, are the step files in GitHub fully updated with the build4 versions?
And are there any step files available of the motors, props, nuts and bolts used to complete the model?