Batch 4 expected delivery

Hello @Pdwhite,

any news for an estimated delivery for Batch 4?

Any updates or pictures on the changes?

Picture of the optional BMS?

Do we need balance port extensions for this to work?

Thank you for your time


+1 - Would really like to know more about the estimated delivery and when it could be on stock again, without bothering anyone with email(s).

I am in the very early stages of this hobby. Actually when I heard electric motors were in development, it was the final push for me to dive more into it. Now I’m trying to find out the details and am very excited to learn more about when I can get started with the OpenPPG X4.

Sorry if my questions have been answered before, I will definitely look more in the community to find answers

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They go in stock intermittently ever couple of months, in ‘batches’. The most recent batch 4 closed a couple of weeks ago, so it will most likely be several more months before another batch is available for ordering.

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Can I please get a bms for my batch 3.5?

The BMS isnt compatible with the other PCBs on batch 3 so you would need to upgrade your controller and hub. We will make an announcement here when upgrade kits are available.

Any news? Just checked - I ordered on the 6th April…

Too bad the optional BMS project is cancelled for now - but this should speed up the Batch 4 delivery!

I’m thinking this will be a fall project for me to assemble/wire/register mine but luckily the weather here is occasionally flyable in the winter.
What’s the process when they start shipping? I’ve only done the pre-order. Can order harness/batts/charger anytime I guess (I have a wing) but how and when do I finish paying for the motor?


I asked the same via mail on 16. April and got the following answer:

You will pay the remaining price once it ships out.

I will send the unit out when you want, It will probably be sent out in 2 months and will take another week to ship.

Ok thank you. I’m excited to get it! Patience…

Looks like end of June is the time frame they ship Batch4 out…
Paul DM me this time frame!

Looking forward

Hi there! So if I just put my name on the waiting list, am I waiting for Batch 5?

@jjb 182
Yes you will be informed when the next bulkorder will be made normally in about 6 month after actual batch.
As there are always upgrades the next batch will have a number like 4.1

Does anyone have any updates on batch 4 ship dates?
All still on track for the original timeframes?
Based on the dates mentioned I’d expect shipping to commence next week.

Yep shipping is starting this week. Tracking numbers will be sent out as orders get put in the mail.

Awesome, any idea when the next batch will start?
I finished my paramotor training in Spain last week and cannot wait to get back in the air… Happy to self-build. Is there anything we can do to speed up the next batch, maybe a ToDo list of development for 4.1? I could help with electronics or software… master’s in engineering with 20 years experience…