Batch 3 Is Open


We’re happy to announce orders for batch 3 are now open. Visit

Once again we’ll be closing batch 3 before ordering all of the components for each paramotor to make sure we can keep costs low.




How long is the ordering window open for guys? Also, I’m assuming payment in full needs to come with the order, what are the payment options? PayPal, credit card, international bank transfers?


Addit: took a closer look at checkout, it’s credit card options, ignore that bit of my question. If there’s any other Aussie buyers perhaps we can bundle some orders and save a bit on shipping. It’s the bloody import tax that’s making me prevaricate a bit at the moment though. Sends the bill up to $AUD5k


Bought ! this morning fresh :slight_smile:


We can mark the declared value as lower so you can save some money. Thats one option.


No tax on mine when it arrived - was sweating it though.


Haha, yes please declared value as lower ! France love taxe…


I had to call the bank of WIFE to get approval - took some negotiation, honey do list is going to be painful!! Ordered :heart_eyes:


Ordered!!! Excited!!

@Pdwhite @admin any estimate on delivery timeframe? With current or new controller?


No tax on mine either (it arrived this morning)
I fully expected to be charged on the way in but it would seem that USPS and AusPost dropped the ball. I’m totally cool with them keeping the ball :slight_smile:


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