Batch 3 expected delivery

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Just got my ozone wing from the openPPG group buy and can’t wait to get my batch 3 order!! Super excited

I’m betting on having the kits shipped out by the end of the month. One of the factory’s I use had some massive flooding so we are just getting that back on track. Happy kiting in the meantime @dpack

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Thanks @Pdwhite! Appreciate the update

It is what it is - good things are worth waiting for. :heart_eyes:

@Pdwhite; Hi Paul, early September you aimed for delivering the kits end of that month. We are now into November. How does it look at the moment? And will you ship out the kits first and then the complete sets? This gives you some space in your storage and we all can build our sets parallel in time with you :slight_smile:
I think with batch 2 you did it the other way around?

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Looks like batch 3 will be delivered at the end of November (hopefully!)

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Quick update:
We’re expecting the completed controller boards to be shipped from the manufacturer by the end of the week. This is the last component that we’ve been waiting for. As a thanks for your patience we’re including something extra for batch 3 customers. Stay tuned for details.


I’m guessing Tshirt :>)

Looking forwarding to assembling on nice snowy cold weekends this coming Jan watching some avengers on the big screen in the basement and dreaming of flying like Ironman!
Cheers, Patrick

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In Europe most people are on a more or less forced week holiday between Christmas and New Year, while it is raining, windy and dark outside. So my holiday activity is to assemble the paraglider. Taking time for courier and customs in consideration, this is getting more and more in danger, if the shipment didn’t start yet…
What is the status of the DIY kits? Originally rescheduled to end September due to flooding at a supplier, then more due to redesign of controller. Controller expected to arrive end of the week before last week. I presume all DIY kits are boxed and waiting to throw the controller in and push the boxes into the UPS van? So shipping starting on Monday? :yum:

I am sure Santa’s elves are working very hard! :grinning:
Cheers, Patrick

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I agree with @Ralph, I am located in Germany, and it may already be too late to receive the kit prior to christmas (don’t remember if I ordered express or priority shipping or so).

But at this point I’d rather have the kit BEFORE christmas, and agree to pay additional shipping for the controller, to be received later on.

This way I could take advantage of the Christmas holidays to assemble the kit! @Pdwhite could you chime in here?

No offense, but I think those who ordered batch 3 deserve an update on the current status :slight_smile:

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Ya with people being off of work for Christmas it is nice to have time to assemble for the warmer days. We did send out a few kits to those who wanted to put the kits together and add the controllers latter. The throttle controllers are shipping from the factory today (I will add the tracking number here when i get it so I don’t have to do a step by step update and people can check if curious (updated tracking number 9813707514
DHL)) I wish more things were in my hands/control and i want to get these out as soon as possible because, well i don’t like stress. Anyway please email me if you have specific questions about your order.

Timeline we are looking at is about one week to ship in controllers and one week to ship out full kits.

It is what it is – U can save mine as one of the last no rush - I am heading to Cayman Islands for Christmas – the only thing I am putting together during Christmas days off is the hammock I will be lying in!


Hi Paul,
I’m heading to Bahamas and return in Feb. I’ve written you a mail as well.
Could you send it to a different address or even hold it back until 01. Feb 2019?

Cheers, Patrick

If you wanted to wait for batch 4 I would gladly take your batch 3 order. If not no worries just an offer. Have a good holiday!

Controllers have been delivered to OpenPPG headquarters!!! :grin:

@Pdwhite post some pics to get us excited :wink:

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Yes, some tech porn pls :kissing_heart:

Thx, but I would not like to wait for Batch4 :wink:
Can somebody of the team write me a message, so we can sort it out, please?
I’m afraid the ppg could be sent back because I can’t pick it up from the post office.