Batch 2 - This Community is Amazing


Frankly we are blown away by your excitement. When we launched yesterday we weren’t sure how many of you would be willing to jump into the world of open source electric powered paragliders. Turns out there are lots of you.

As many of you noticed we sold out of our small initial batch in minutes leaving many frustrated. We get it - you’re sick of the headaches of gas engines and just want to fly.

To solve this we just launched our Batch 2 Orders. For those ready to order we are keeping the window short so we can get all the supplies and have your OpenPPG to you as soon as possible. If you order in the next 3 days you’ll get your new paramotor in about a month. If you aren’t ready quite yet you can always get in the next batch.

TL;DR - Batch 1 is sold out but batch 2 is ready to order. Ships in a month


If we can’t get in Batch 2, When will Batch 3 be ready to sell?

There is a high demand for this paramotor, Probably 50+ people want to get in.

Will those who can’t get in batch 2 have to wait a few more months?


I’d be curious to learn how many you sell in round two, if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks for all your hard work, and congrats on this launch. Can’t wait to see videos of people flying soon!


Since batch 2 is a limited production run, any chance we could get a plate number? Like “frame 510 out of 2000”. Like people who get the founders series get something that designates. Just a thought. Thank you for doing the pre order list.

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