Batch 2 Numbers?


Just wondering if anyone heard how many pre-orders got ordered? My order # was 1633, but maybe they started at 1k for book keeping or something. Inquiring minds…


That would be pretty impressive if they plan to make five the first time and then 633 on the next lap, I’d guess it’s far lower. But I’m very curious, too. I guess if many of them are unassembled kits that would be far easier.

Do you fly in Montana? Whereabouts? I’m in Los Angeles.


I was 1691 and ordered on the 3rd April. Still with 60 odd orders between yours and mine, these guys are going to have their work cut out for them.
Bit nervous having that much money hanging in the breeze. But as William Shatner said in that cheesy PPG training vid - It’s all about risk n reward.


Yes, I own a custom cabinet shop about ten miles from Glacier Park. Columbia Falls area. I would fly more if the winds weren’t so bad here. This is why I’m so excited about this project, just fold it up and down the road I go. Where in Cali do you fly?


Guys its random its just the way woocommerce handles orders, it doesn’t start at one its starts higher up so it’s easier to keep track that way.


I am taking PPG lessons in May. Haven’t flown yet!


It’s a fun sport. Being less noisy in the air will make life easier on every one. Good luck in training! Being able to handle the wing is the most important thing. Ground handling = safety in the air.:grinning:


So… Like “20”???:grin::rofl::rofl:
Keep me in mind on the carbon fiber cut up if you did get like 500. I really can’t wait, even if it is a winter storm warning right now in MT. Dam winter!


The only thing I have going for me on my resume is that I’ve flown snow, surf, kiteboard kites since 2006. Hopefully that will translate pretty well. I flew the kite the other day in steady ocean winds and it was pretty easy to handle after a few minutes getting used to the complex bridals. But on calm days I haven’t been able to forward start, but I only tried 5 times or so, so far.


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