Australian Eppg's

Howdy all just a shout out to all the Australian guys building or keen to build open ppg machines in Aus, learning paragliding at the moment but eventually will fly eppg too. Super keen with this aircraft.

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HI there,
We are in Oz and building two from the next batch. We are Brisbane based. You?
Greg and Lily.

Based in central Victoria here, how far along the build are you two? Cheers Alex

We have not started yet Alex. Ours are from the batch being made now.
We were just down in Victoria (The Great Ocean Road and up via the Grampians to Bendigo) filming for our YouTube channel.
G & L.

Oh that sounds fantastic, do you guys currently paraglide? I’ll be cutting my frame out very shortly

Cheers Alex

Shameless plug request, what is your yt channel if you don’t mind?

Hi DailyShorts,

I hope its ok to post here… our channel is here:

Alex, neither of us currently paraglide/paramotor. We are about to start learning. I am a private pilot, flying for 18 years now, and use to fly hang gliders some time back.

We decided to take up paramotors because we both love flying and it would have been hard to tow the plane on a trailer behind our bus. We felt that paramotors on the other hand could easily fit in our bus (you’ll see the size of it on our vidoes) and would let us go flying practically anywhere as we tour around Australia.

Greg (and Lily)


Ah that’s great to hear, I have my ppl as well love my flying and like you two I needed a smaller machine that could pack away. Also Ga aviation was getting to be cost prohibitive


Yes, totally agree Alex. I think once we start touring I will sell the plane and just stay with the paramotors. I still remember my hang gliding days, and they were awesome, so hoping to recapture some of that :slight_smile:

I’m in Brisbane. Sandgate.currently flying gyroplanes out of Caboolture and paragliders when holidaying in Bali :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

We also fly out of Caboolture!


Greg and Lily.

In Melbourne - Have a batch 2 machine built - doing some fine tuning to it. Some of the guys at Knowsley Airpark, Bendigo have seen it. Would be keen to connect with other locals who are into this project.

Hey there lukas, I might have met you earlier in the year but you hadn’t had any of your parts made yet?? How are you finding your machine so far?

Hi Ozzies
I am in Byron Bay as is my friend Cedar. We have been following the progress of the Open PPG project. I am an Aerospace Engineer and have designed many drones and am very keen on the quad eppg config. I have a novel foldable quad frame design that I want to apply to this config. Cedar is a long term PPGer, who along with Andrew Polidano helped create the original Australian PPG regs. Cedar has been working with another friend Peter from the Sunny Coast on single rotor eppg’s. Peter has created a great functional system, using NT power motors as used in the e-glide system. Cedar’s aim is to have a super light set up that gives him 10 mins of at least 40kg thrust. I have found some interesting motor/esc/prop combos that should be able to achieve this at lower weight then the open ppg system. Hopefully we can visit Greg and Lily at some stage and check out their system. I plan to start my paraglider course asap. Cheers Paul

Hey there Paul great to hear from you, I’d be very interested in your design if you are going open source, my aim is to have a nice cruisy fly for an hour with my eppg, that’s the ultimate goal for me. Cheers Alex

Hi Boys - Do one of you guys own Carbon-Bird? I’ve heard your names mentioned by Poli

Not I Lukas, I am not sure what a carbon bird is.