Attention Florida owners

New to this. Looking for anyone in Florida with e unit, I’m in Ft. Pierce would like to see up close and personal, and bend your ear with a million questions. I’ll buy lunch. Thanks, Larry 772-332-8411

I’m located in Miami. I’m currently traveling, but should be back in early Feb. I ordered a batch 3 unit.

Hi Larry, I’m located in Bradenton, right across the state from you. I used to live in Ft. Pierce ( north Hutchinson Island) when I was young. I have a batch 2 Openppg. You can see mine, or I may make it over to the Palm Bay fly-in and bring it. There’s also Rob Catto near Orlando that has one. You can see his video he just posted a few days ago under another thread. Bill

Larry, like Bill said, I’m in Orlando.

I’ve ordered a 3.5 unit. They are saying 3 weeks or so for delivery. I fly in Keystone Heights and occasionally in Orlando. I’am hoping to be ready to fly electric at Palm Bay.

Great ! when is Palm bay event? That is only an hour away from me. Thanks for all the response, hope to see you soon.

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Lots of good info here.

I live in Germany, a bit colder right now than over at your place in Florida and a bit further away,
but I thought I’d chime in anyways :sunglasses:

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Hi Rob, I’m between Gainesville and Jax and I’d Love to come visit and see your rig!

Please reach out when you have a chance!

@JJB182 what’s you availability?

Hi Rob, I’m in Denver for a few days, when I get back home I’ll check my schedule to see when I could visit Orlando next. I hope that you’re well.