Are you using a PPG Helmet?

Are you guys using a PPG helmet with the classic noise protection earmuffs when flying with the OpenPPG?

If no, why ?

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I was going to post this same question, interested to know what people are wearing for helmets and ear protection?

This is the setup I fly with
Radio adapter:

Likes: Lots of flexibility. I didnt have to cut or drill anything. I added some velcro to the top my helmet to keep the headset from sliding around and it all feels very secure. Each piece feels rugged. Changing radios is a breeze, just plug it in. Also the headset comes with a built in PTT (push to talk) button and a aux in for music.

Dislikes: It’s not as cheap and simple as Id like. While it’s nice being flexible sometimes managing the wire and bulky headset makes it hard to just put it on and fly. Also it doesnt support bluetooth out of the box or a dedicated mic connection out to a GoPro.

Bonus: For tandem flights I throw this into a pouch and connect another radio to it so the pilot and passenger/trainee can chat, no button press required to talk locally. It supports a dedicated mic-out line and VOX controls but its all a bit pricey.


So far I’ve flown with the bicycle helmet I use for paragliding. No ear protection. Compared to a two stroke it’s very quiet and I’ve not gone far enough to need a radio.

This is what I fly with:

I had to “Dremel” a good bit of material out to make the 3M Peltors fit properly, but it worked out great.

As I recall, Kyle Mooney’s helmet build that he did with Josh was the most helpful one that I watched.