APCO Split-leg harness issues

Hi guys,

Have any of you had any issues with the APCO Split-leg harness?

Mine seems to have a manufacturing defect, as shown in the following pics…

It seems the buckles for the leg-straps were attached on the wrong side. Unfortunately, this causes excessive wear, makes it uncomfortable, and brings about safety concerns. I just sold my old harness, so am now grounded.

I’m hoping to hear back from Paul regarding getting it replaced, but am curious if this is a known issue, or if any of you have a similar issue? I compared with a friend’s harness, and with photos across the web, and it seems I’m the only one!? Otherwise it’s a great harness, I’ve used it on many other machines, always and always found it to be comfortable and supportive.

That is how mine are as well (and the rental I used last week was also that way). The clips are on the outside and twist to the front when you’re wearing it.

The designs causes the chest strap to turn around the body.

It also makes the buckles on the outside and easy to access in case of an emergency

That’s odd. I have a friend who has one with them on the inside, which is how I noticed the difference. I thought I was going crazy, so I checked the website, and even APCO’s own photos show them on the inside of the harness. It seems like a far more logical design.

I wonder if this is a recent change, or if there’s something I’m missing!? I really can’t get it to feel right when I’m strapped in on a hang test, no matter which way I fix things.

Can any of you send some photos showing how it should sit when you’re strapped in? I find it’s quite difficult to detach the catches, as there’s extra pressure due to all the twisting.

Many thanks in advance.

Mine are on the outside. To me it is a very natural connection. No problems here.

Thanks for all your replies, guys. I guess I will just try to get used to it. My friend must have an older model, as it’s definitely different, I didn’t notice any other changes, however.

Most importantly my fears about safety are allayed, so I can continue flying with it, without any worries that it’s defective :blush:

Thanks again, one and all! :+1:

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