Apco slt vs Dudek Powerseat comfort

I need some advice, which one would you go with…

The apco slt harness weighs just under 2kg, the Dudek Powerseat Comfort weights 3.2kg. The Dudek sounds more luxurious, more padding. But I’m after middle of the road, something more comfortable then the split leg so I can thermal and do 6 hr flights. They are almost the same price Dudek is slightly more but nothing to get worried about.

I’m leaning more towards the apco slr due to the lower weight, but I also want it to last and the Dudek looks like better quality.


Drop 1.2 kilos on your body and go for comfort with the dudek :>)


I love my Dudek harness with the under seat reserve. That tiny bit of extra weight is worth it to me even for 20 minute flights.

I agree. I bought the Dudek Power Seat comfort for the OpenPPG in the summer, but since I still don’t have my batch 3, I fitted it in the meantime on my 2-stroke engine. I am pretty happy with it!

I also appreciate the underseat-position for the reserve, which is the same as in my freeflight harness.

Thanks all! Will go with Dudek. Looks like it’s build quality is more durable vs the apco. Cheers

I have a modified SUPAIR PPG harness but wanted ore comfort and butt protection so, I grabbed an older 17cm BUMPAIR and pushed it between te frame and the harness. The advantages are:
1 / it pushes the lower section of the harness away from the mid-section of the frame and brings a more ergonomic shape to the whole thing. Since the human spin is curved, it becomes a more natural/comfortable way of sitting. I always fly with a foot-rest for added comfort and it really feels like being in a lounge chair - legs extended with the knees slightly bent and the backrest curved.
The carrier was salvaged from my neighbor’s curb trash - I ran down the driveway and grabbed it just before the recycling city truck was making its way up to my place😄 After a few cuts here and there, a small carpeted mat, a piece of 1/2" treated wood, two kitchen closet handles strategically localed to balance the platform weight during installation (makes thing way more easier to connect int to hitch receiver and remove), I drilled another hole closer to the platform for a more compact design, I used an old OXO kitchen vegetable cutting board to mount the car’s license plate, attached a bicycle rechargeable light with all kind of modes to it - the light can be recharge on the cigarette lighter (I have two lights), 3 tie-downs and I was all set. I keep the X4 in one piece. The whole thing is rock solid at 65mph on the highway. I made four dust covers for the four motors and secured the blades with 6" bungee-balls, otherwise they will start spinning at around 35mph. I drove back in sustained rain this morning, then the skies cleared out, and by the time I was back home, all was dry and just fine. All good!

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