APCO Hybrid wing

Paul – any updates on this wing?

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They had one at the Palm Bay fly-in. Here is the comment from someone who flew it, “It’s more that I don’t have a mission for its tradeoffs of speed and efficiency for super easy inflation, light weight, and benign handling. It was a blast to fly”.


Interesting – I guess " tradeoffs of speed and efficiency" has to be taken quantified – compared to what?

Sounds like the wing I am interested in based on what I have seen and heard so far.
I have no desire for wing overs, helicopters or rings around a barrel… or other acrobats that I cant recall the names of at this moment… Just simple flying to enjoy the views!

It is expensive though – I paid 3200Cnd for my new Muse 4 Powered – dealers are asking 3500US$. I was saving up to get “The Worlds Best PPG Helmet” for 1400US$ from Aviator PPG. If I get this wing I will have to for go the helmet dream :roll_eyes:


A buddy of mine has been flying his Hydrid for a little over a month and loves it. We both started training about a month and a half ago. The only down side to the Hybrid that I can see is it’s not very fast. But on the ground, it is very light, super easy to launch and in the air its super stable. I just got one yesterday and will hopefully fly it this weekend. We were at the Palm Bay Fly-In as well. There is also another local pilot that loves his Hybrid too. Says it’s a very fun wing. He has been flying for over 4 yrs now, so he is more experienced than my buddy and I.

Btw, u can get almost the same exact NVolo helmet without the Aviator branding (and the Hydrid) through Aerolight.com. Give them a call. My buddy and I have the carbon version with Ham radio, Bluetooth and GoPro audio integrated. I think we paid around $880.



This is a feature I like – I am not a speedster person – because of low hrs of flying time that I anticipate due to unfavourable weather conditions and free time, I want to get up easy - land easy and in between those to functions I want to enjoy what I am looking at !!. No barrel contractions or wing inversions in my future so this wing is sounding more and more my cup of tea… maybe I can enjoy that as well while I am up there :>)


Thx for the heads up on the helmet. Always good to have other options. But still too steep for me 880USD, in Canadian is 1175 and then taxes and F’d at border with no lube on duties!
The helmet I have will do for now and I will do up a diy Dual comms later. $185 for a dual headset on aliexpress.


Andre Bandarra review More on paragliding
Cross Country Magazine review Has PPG coverage.

I am definitely going to get this wing. Funds a little tight until I sell other stuff.

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Perhaps with this wing I could let my dad test out my motor. He is 70 and hasn’t flown for a few years.

There are days I feel like 70! Why did he stop?

For one… his feet and ankles are fused because of a skydiving accident so he runs like a penguin. That never stopped him though. It worries my mom both because he can’t run and because he has had his share of accidents over the years. He is quite jealous of my OpenPPG. He owned a DK Whisper (ICE) back in the day and loves what he has seen of my electric motor.

Get him set up on a trike?

Thought about it. Honestly, with a slow wing he could probably handle the motor just fine. Plus he is a good skier so he could do it on snow with skis.

Great vid for Trike launches multiple wind conditions.



No new wing for me – purchased Chevy Bolt so I will be new car poor for sometime.

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I got the hybrid in the other day, I’ll make a video on it in a few weeks.


Even though I can afford one right now – looking forward to your valued evaluation on it.

First flight Apco Hybrid L, yesterday evening. I had to overcome the psychological barrier of the very thin risers and “see-through” material, the unsheathed top lines tangle with any loose sticks/long grass of the unprepared field. As for any wing produced with light fabric, the Hybrid only has a warrantee of 100 flying hours. Wind variable 3kts, ease of inflation is amazing, decided forward launch as the wing was collapsing overhead in the light and variable wind, short take-off run, great climb rate, responsive brakes. Landed in nil wind, minimum flare to reduce forward speed, beautiful simple landing behavior. Getting older and putting on weight, this wing has allowed me to fly easily in light/nil wind and enjoy smooth air conditions with sharp handling, I am impressed.


I flew the heck out of the DK “beat” model with the Boxer engine. They were pretty good machines at the time. Too bad the company closed.