APCO Hybrid Size L for sale

Used once, like new condition. Super stable wing, inflates effortlessly.
Decided on a smaller size.

Paid $3800, sell for $2650 shipped.

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That is a gorgeous wing. I’m interested. Just read a sterling review of it in XC Mag online. A few questions. What is the downside of these hybrid wings? Will they last as long as traditional wings?

It’s an awesome wing. Very easy launch, easy handling and extremely stable. It’s slower than a reflex wing, but great for cruising around and photography, etc. Fine for thermal flights. I am selling bc I actually got the same in medium. I love the hybrid tech.

Thought I read somewhere that they aren’t as efficient as a non reflex wing. I could be wrong and I don’t remember where I read it.

They don’t penetrate like reflex wings, but make up in their lift/stability.

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