Anyone need large wood props?

I’m ordering a big (36") prop from Fiala and the shipping costs almost as much as the prop. If anyone else needs some long and/or custom wood props let me know. For reference, a custom 36x24 E3 Electro prop is around 90 USD, and the shipping is 80 USD. It would be a good chance to save a bunch on shipping if we put a larger order together.

eppg is very different. for some is a propeller “big” for others “very small” I’ve got a concept built a few years ago based on the dle 170 with racing exhaust system. he had about 16 hp. he turns a propeller 36/16 at 5200 rpm. that is very loud from the propeller noise. With the mentor 4 of nova I could reach a climprate of about 0.8 m / sec.

the concept weighed a total of 15.6 kg. the tank of 2.5 liters was enough for about 20 minutes. This allowed a flying height above the ground of approx. 800 meters. I still have the ppg today. But almost no longer fly with it.

I would check out this seller on ali express.

I’ve purchased 34x14 props very cheap.

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