Any idea on final pricing?

I know a lot of refinement work is currently being done on this OpenPPG project but do you guys have a ballpark figure yet for what the final product in kit form is going to cost? Failing that, is there at least a target price that you’re aiming for? (Sorry if I seem impatient, just a big fan of your work who is really looking forward to trying out the final product).

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From what I seen / heard is that the price should be around $3000, Then go upwards from this depending on how much you want (Such as batterys, Chargers, Harness etc), My info might not be valid so take it with a “grain of salt”.

I’m sure PDWhite could give you an more correct info but I think it all comes down to Battery size + Charger & Harness options.

Yep Totej got it right around $3000-3200

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So I guess with Harness, Batterys and charger we are looking at ~$4500-$5000 ?

Harnesses are around $300 and batteries are $300-600 depending on what you get. So you are actually looking at closer to $3600-4000 with everything you need to fly.



Except a Wing and training :wink:


Is there any breakdown on the cost of each component? I know all of the cost’s haven’t been worked out yet. I am just curious about the breakdown.

Replacement parts will be available on the site when the kits are available.

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Wow. You were talking price like 2000-3000max in you’r first youtube video

That was the cost to build one totally on your own before the idea of a kit was even conceived. Since then @Pdwhite has redesigned several components to make a kit with high quality parts. I don’t expect him to do all this work for free. I’m excited about his design and the soon to be available kits. I’ve waited a long time (probably more than ten years) for electric paramotors to be a viable option!

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Oh so if we decide to build it on our own the price shoudnt be more then 3000?

@Bubi ya $2000 was for the lower end parts and didn’t have the nicer features like the oval profile tubing, aluminum hinges, higher quality ESC and motors along with the upcoming BMS system and FC system. I’m not getting paid for design time of the kits, it is a passion project. But that’s also why it’s open-source and if you want to go back and make the older versions you can (I can send you the older version files so you can print and cut your own). Also, you can choose whatever quality motors you want if you want to try to make it cheaper. I’m really trying to keep the price down and that still pretty close to what I was saying in the first vid $3000-3200. Let me know if you find other ways or components that will work and help bring the price down.

Oh I get it. I will need some help. Not realy in electronics that much…
What are ESC, BMS system and FC system?
I know it’s nooby of me but i will learn. :slight_smile:
It would be great if you do a video about all components and how you set up paramotor from when it’s all closed

This is just a high level explanation of what they are. There are obviously a lot of details in each of these topics. Check out the other discussions for more information on them.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)–Controls the speed of the motors to adjust the amount of thrust produced by the propellers.

BMS (Battery Management System)–monitors the batteries state (i.e. temperature, voltage, balance of the individual cells) Also protects against short circuits and other faults in the battery that could result in a fire.

FC (Flight Controller)-- I don’t know what all these are capable of since I am new to this scene, but I believe this would display important information to the pilot and will offer different types of modes depending on the pilots experience/preferences.


Is the end of march time line for purchase still within reach?? I’m impatient and want one now hahahah…

Yep we are still on schedule.


From my developent experience over the past 5 years with electric pig, a kit like this for 3-4 grand is exceptional. Full marks to you PD for the drive and passion. Can’t wait to order. As we say in Oz, ‘onya mate’.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey great idea, really excited at the prospect of this is there a way of ordering bits and pieces to build it over time I know it may sound daft and will cost more in the long run so say the clam shell an then buy motors and then other parts as u go ? It would be nice to do some of the building myself and also wouldnt be such a hit in the pocket at the same time and I totally respect the fact that on the face of it this is very reasonably priced like I say really looking forward to this !!
Rich king UK

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When will the pre-built setup be available and what price point are we looking at?