Another update form alishanmo

hi guys in the interest of all things EPPG and its develpoment i came across this update from Alishamo How to Convert Gasoline Paramotor to Electric Paramotor in 5 Minutes - YouTube credit where its due he a trier and its a nicely put togethrer assembly , not sure i’d rely on what looks like 3d Printed structural element in powertrain but def has the makings of path i think a lot of transioning fliers might take … flight duration not mentioned or i missed it but as i mentioned there are some nice elements that could be refined and made more robust for user confidence from what i could observe with my dodgy eyesight i think he has moved over to MAD Motors as well BUT dont quote me on that will keep an eye out for any more fine detail :slight_smile: i oonly posted this as its nice to see other variants its not meant as critique of either design D oh jutst had another look at video and he does state that this is demo version, and production parts will be made form suitable materials and CNC machined parts sorry for the false info confusion :slight_smile:

Seems a lot like the SP140.
I have followed him in the past. I don’t recall his length of flight times, but I think it was short. The battery being the limiting factor.
Everyone is coming up with electrical alternatives but the batteries, at least for some time, will be what convinces users to go electric or gas.
Some of us look for the minimum maintenance that the electric offers.
I don’t know the cost break down between a gasser maintenance and parts and fuel vs
the life of the electrics battery vs cost of electric battery replacement.

Anyone have an idea how many flights the battery (for SP140) can sustain before it begins to
lose flight time?

Tough question since this is so new, I doubt anyone has reached the end life of any battery yet.

Just thinking out loud.

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I posted on his page it would take 10 to 15 mins for most just to get old gasser off.

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This is the cycle life for the cells used for the Sp140. So around 500hr of flight time about 80% capacity.