Another prop bites the dust

Sadly, I have today joined the ranks of the damaged-prop crew. One of the straps on my harness came loose mid-flight, and chipped (badly) my two lower props. I am vacationing in France, and foolishly didn’t bring any spares, as I’ve always been pretty careful.

Does anyone please know the fastest way possible to source a couple of props (22x10’s) in SW France? I’m not headed back to the UK for another week.

Thanks everyone for your help. I hope none of you make the same mistake. I hate having so many loose strap-ends on the harness, was reluctant to cut them shorter, but now I think I must :weary:

Thank you for the fast reply @Motorwala ! Sadly, it’s looking like I can’t repair at least one of them anyhow, as it’s kind of split down the middle, in two places! :roll_eyes: Will attach a photo in the morning.

Plus, I suspect it’ll be difficult for me to find a workshop that I can use whilst out in the middle of nowhere. I’m hoping to find either another local pilot with some spares (perhaps a model airplane pilot), or maybe have someone suggest a prop retailer or manufacturer in SW France…

My last resort will be shipping internationally, which I suspect will rule out any further flying in vacation, as the delivery time alone will be substantial.

Slightly off topic but how did travel the batteries internationally to France?

I drove, and took the car-ferry across. I have a single large LiIon pack, and the ferry company was quite unconcerned about that.

It’s so compact for travel, and I almost forgot it was there during the 1000 mile drive. It’s a great proof of concept in that regard :+1: No fumes, and it’s tiny :smiley: