Another Promising BLDC project

Hi Guys Came across this and thought it was worth showing as to me this is an excellent step
Only mentioned and shown for the beautiful workmanship and design , i dont have any spec as yet but im sure they will be published soon


I just watched the video, and this motor sounded rather noisy to me, even without driving a propeller. And without any specs, it is virtually impossible to compare it with any of the motors currently in use.

I think that the motor is very similar to the Rotex -Rex 30 series and is exactly between the QSL 240 and QSL 200 from the hacker gmbh. The only difference is that it has an extremely high speed compared to the other motors that are designed for quiet e-flight from the system speed. i like the carbon design.

LOL well you just highlighted my Problem :-0 im a deaf pilot and so even with all the tech i cant hear Motors Cochler implants are great but even then its difficult for me hearing wise , i can feel vibrations but Hell No , not on Youtube . really came across this and just thought it was worth mentioning heere for feedback and critque , cheers Guys

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