Another OpenPPG vid


Watch in a larger format because at some point I look like a pin head in the sky far down the ridge…


Very nice. Can you talk about the differences between gas and electric in terms of the flight characteristics and the ambient noise?

  • The noise is more drone-like but acceptable with a regular open face ski helmet.
  • The throttle acceleration from zero to full is faster than on gas units.
  • No noticeable difference left or right because under power due to 100% torque cancellation.
  • Comfortable (depending on the type of harness used - I have the SUPAIR model after I made a couple modifications). A foot-rest helps a lot to get inside the harness immediately during takeoff and for general comfort in flight - need to conduct a thorough hang-test first.
  • Deceleration from full to zero is faster than on a gas unit and brings a slightly faster pitch from a high angle of attack to a surge depending on the wing type flown.

Overall is it great and only hope that the electronics will take it over time. The batteries will remain the major problem with the fire issue, but I hope we will be able to get better, less dangerous, easier to recharge, reliable cheaper ones soon;-)

I flew with two Bonka but will later try 4 because the all was cold upon landing except for the packs that were on the hot side, but again, no puffing and the temps were around the 90º mark. I will try a different battery arrangement for my next flight and try to cool things down a bit.


Good info - thx
Cheers, Patrick


Awesome video. thanks for sharing.
Did the 2 bonkas you use have the 10 AWG or 8AWG wires?
Thank you!


The Bonks had 10AWG but my goal is for short flights less than 30 seconds to catch ridge lift and continue without power. I will try later with 4 Bonks for longer flights inland without dynamic lift :slight_smile: