Aliexpess props 22x10

I ordered a set of props from aliexpress 22x10 mainly to see difference in the ones openppg offers.

The hub of the props are quite a bit larger, prop in general is thicker and beefier then the gemfan. Most likely will see some difference in flight. I will try them out soon. I will have to drill down the hub as I don’t think the prop mounting bolt threads will be long enough to go through this hub.

The openppg gemfan weights 75 grams, aliexpress prop weights 113. Im thinking these props will take more abuse then the gemfan as they seem significantly stronger. Smoother finish as well.

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Hi dzubot,

Unfortunately you ordered the propellers for a gas motor. They get one kick per revolution instead of the smooth torque of the multipole electrical motor, and are therefor always constructed much heavier.

In the top of the advertising they mention “for RC Gas airplane”. At the bottom they say it again, and instruct to follow the link when you have an electric airplane/quadcopter/multicopter.

Aliexpress 22x10 CW/CCW high efficiency (electric) propellers

Here you can select size and colour. And you get a set of one clock wise and one counter clock wise propeller for the price.

I also ordered a set and if I got them, we can compare size and weight.

PS since the props are rather fragile and sometimes split for no reason, I thought about ordering the painted version. But I don’t think the paint adds much strength, maybe ruins the shape and probably starts looking badly after some use, compared to the transparent painted version.


I’m wondering if we should be using gas props since it seems apparent that the electric ones are splintering and getting beat up very easily… I will try these and see how they handle

I flew these props yesterday, no noticeable difference in performance, although it seems like they are slightly less annoying sound, deeper sound. Sadly the props already had nicks in the props just from transporting the Openppg. One of the issues is the opening in the openppg frame, they rub the sides of the props. Need to fix this like @GliderPilot as done to his.

Flight time was 30 minutes. BMS keeps cutting off power at 40volts even though I have the minimum set to 35v, I think i’m hitting low voltage on a parallel group of cells and that’s killing the power. I can’t tell because the system reboots before I land and the cells have equalized themselves. I should be getting another 5-10 min out of this battery.

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I ended up buying 4 pairs of prop covers by Falcon. Protects the prop from misc. dents and cushions the end of the prop when in the folded position. Here is the link to what I purchased.

did that as well.
they look sleek and it works fantastic.

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Just received 3 pairs (CW and CCW) of the AliExpress electrical wooden 22" x 10" props. They took 5 weeks from China to the Netherlands. Which is fair for US$35 per pair (when ordering 3 pairs), no import duty and free shipping!

AliExpress wooden electric 22" x 10" pair

I see totally no difference between the GEMFAN props from OpenPPG and the DFDL props from AliExpress. Same wood structure, same paint gloss, same weight. They must come from the same factory with just a different brand name printed.

PS Did anybody identify a supplier for pairs of 22" x 10" plastic or carbon fibre propellers? I am really getting tired of frequently replacing props. Apart from the fact that I am always far from home when they fail (1.000km), so my whole journey is for nothing and the weekend activity up in smoke. Once I killed 3 at a time at a less perfect landing. So I learned that having a spare CW and CCW is not enough to protect a weekend of flying… (apart from the easy breaking arm tips).

But for the rest I enjoy it extremely!! :smiley:


I also bought the DFDL props a few weeks ago and I can confirm what @Ralph says.

I bought a set of 22x10
and a set of 22x12 - just because I want to try the higher pitch.

Hi Etienne. Any results yet from the higher pitch? For example neutral cruising at lower revolutions, so with less noise? Maybe at the cost of some starting power? But as a thermal flyer I feel heavily spoiled anyway by anything that brings me up at the push of a button… so can live with that :slight_smile:

nope, not yet. I also don’t have any measuring equipment (noise / thrust) so it would just be a gut-feeling thing anyways.

I am waiting for some 3D printed parts from Gliderpilot, before I can go in the air again with my OpenPPG.

I received my batch 5 last week, but due to some clerical error it came with 4 CCW props… So I get a lot of noise and 0 thrust!
I have looked at the options available to me, and as I live in Japan it seems that these AliExpress props are the fastest way to get me flying. Thanks for sharing the link and your experience with it!

Any chance I can convince someone to lend/sell me a 22x10 CCW prop? I chipped mine with a loose strap even before getting my first flight and would love to get in the air. I ordered replacements from China and reached out to openppg but it would be awesome if i could fly sooner rather than having to wait a month or so for the replacement. I would be open to a swap/replace/buy option if anyone can help out

There are some good instructions in the forum how to repair your wood props.

The OpenPPG props are back in stock and ship in ~1 day.

thank you, i have put in the order a few minutes ago