AirVenture 2018?


Will you be at AirVenture 2018?


Might be havent decided yet.


Anyone else here planning on attending?


I hope all of you can be there but I was really wondering if the OpenPPG project will be there.


Sun-N-Fun is next week. Would be great to see it fly there.


It sounds like @pdwhite and I might stop by Sun-N-Fun one of the days. We won’t be flying there but would love to meet up with anyone who’s interested.


I’m planning on stopping by Sun and Fun Friday morning. I’d like to meet you guys if possible. I’ll look in the ultralight area. Any idea where you’ll be?


We’ll be there Sunday afternoon so we can meet up then. Not sure where we are go to be hanging out, but shoot me a PM or something.


Bummer, looks like I’ll miss you at Sun and Fun if you are going on Sunday a
fternoon. I’m only able to attend Friday(today). Enjoy your time there. A
friend of mine and paramotor buddy is the head of Sensenich Propellors in Plant City. I’m going to see him today and I’ll discuss the Openppg project wIt’s him. They make lots of drone props now for the military. Maybe there’s
a potential source for the Openppg props.



I am planning on being there. If I have my unit, I can bring it.