Accurately modeling electric PPG performance

I’ve been working on this for a couple of days, using climb rate data from @GliderPilot, @glydrfreak, and @jrsimple from another thread. Using those three, I’ve figured out a model that is hitting the measured climb rates from all three of them at roughly +/- 15%. I’d like to test it using some other measured climb data, so if any of you can contribute the following, it would be helpful:

Rate of climb (either just a measured number from a flight instrument, or preferably an average over at least 1000’ of climb [1000’/4 minutes = 250 fpm])
Power while climbing (if you don’t want to run at full throttle. I need at least the amps, preferably the amps and volts)
Altitude at which you measured your climb rate (and temp, if possible)
All-up weight of your whole setup including batteries, wing, everything.
Wing make, model, and size
Motor KV, prop size, battery configuration
If you have it, your power off trim speed.
If you have it, your measured power off glide ratio

By the way, this seems to be also hitting endurance numbers +/- 15% as well, so it would be a good tool for testing out different motor/prop/battery combinations for endurance if I can get some more data.


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I’ll definitely get this information for you when winter is over :slight_smile: