About the wing lines, I have a question

I’m looking for a used wing for ground play, or wing dancing, if you will.
I’m looking at one but it has a concern on a couple of the lines going up to the wing.
There seems to be a minor unsheathing of the protective cloth over the kevlar line.
I’m told this sheathing is only to protect the kevlar line which makes me think it may be protected in another way, coat it with something???

Whats the story guys. If the sheathing comes undone, is the line done or can it be worked???

Thanks for your thoughts.

Replace the line. Not repairable once the sheathing is cut through, abraded, or damaged.
If you are new to the sport, replacement of a line is not something you can do yourself. Hell, even most 200hr+ pilots would be wise to send the wing out for repair.

Now you mention this wing is for “ground play”. In my opinion a wing with a damaged sheathing on just one line is an acceptable wing for ground practice. Depending on which line it is. A lines would be the most concerning, then brake lines, anything else its not as big of a deal. But you must promise to yourself that you will never ever fly the compromised glider.

I just didn’t know about the lines.
AviatorPPG said in a vid that the sheathing protects the kevlar lines but nothing else.
Being this would be a flight concern, and I tend to make sure all is right on my things, I wanted to know the facts.
I am looking for a wing and since it will be for ground practice, am considering a used wing.
My plan is after training to get an electric Paramotor, probably a used one should one be available. In my mind even used Electric Paramotors would have less trouble than a gasser motor and I don’t want to be stuck somewhere with a gasser motor with a mechanical problem as I see in many vids.
I will keep looking, thanks for the response. Told me exactly what I wanted to know.
Fly Safe.

If you find the manual for your exact wing version, there will be a line diagram with codes for each line. Capitalization is important in each code. If you know the size of your glider, take that information to adventure toy store’s website and you can get a replacement line for $25.

If it’s only for ground handling, and he has the restraint to not use it for flight, then it pretty much won’t matter if the line snaps. Unless it’s a brake line - might want to swap that out.

However, if one of the lines is shagged then it’s reasonable to assume other damage might be present on the wing. If it’s ever to be used for anything else it should be sent to a qualified inspector who can check porosity, jig it, will have factory specs, and the ability to measure the lines accurately.