About the throttle controller

What would it take to be able to use the throttle controller with a MAD esc and who can sort that out? Is the APD esc the only match? What esc is used exactly? All the information from the display comes from the esc or from the bms also? Any other throttle controllers out there, more simple, plug and play?



Judging by the diagram from their site (below) it looks like:

  • You’d need a separate power source for the controller. There’s no BEC on that mad ESC providing low voltage (~12v) output to run the controller. Maybe you could just use a separate BEC/lipo battery for that.
  • The OpenPPG controller outputs PWM so assuming you calibrate the Mad ESC for the throttle range that should work to control motor.
  • I dont see any telemetry (eg voltage, amperage) data wire from the ESC so you wouldnt have much visibility into your main battery charge on the controller. You’d need to use the Bluetooth phone app connected to the battery to see when its time to land.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much! Then I’ll have to find a simple hand ctrl that will work with the MAD esc…