A short video of my machine

I call my PPG the VOLTAIR after other electric protos I made and flew before, I guess Paul is ok. with that - his design is the best so far. I made a bunch of upgrades and continue to do so. Add-ons here and there to make my life easier. I got this really great beach cart with balloon tires (3lbs of pressure inside them) - this thing will ride over just about anything you can throw at it. It can hold 150lbs and fold down quit a bit for transport. First I had the PPG in a backpack and it worked great but I still had to carry the wing in front of me or make a second trip to go get it. The beach cart allows me to carry the PPG and have my wing on my back, making it a breeze to walk long distances if you can not have access to your favorite launching pad by car. I even took it through woods for a 10mn walk fully loaded - no problem https://www.topmobility.com/folding-beach-cart-p2493.htm?UA-8348507-3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8aSLx6nj3gIVTVcNCh3FJgfkEAQYAyABEgJnw_D_BwE

Here’s the video I made of the PPG in my driveway - I adopted the throttle spring system and it works great, thanks! Under full spring compression I am not loosing many RPM and still can get off the ground no problem. A bunch of people asked me about the machine ans I always explain how it came about with Paul and his brother and about the upgrades each of us make to improve it. The reactions are always the same - here are a couple mails from this morning: “I love it!!! That’s what i will get in the future, an electric one, when they come out with the right one.”, and "MAN am I impressed!!! That folding design blows me away! What a great machine. Really fantastic job!

Great video!)

Watch it on a large window and adjust it to 1080p60