A short summary of 5 different projects

i have put together some pictures and video clips from the last few years. it should just inspire you to build something yourself. not included are the projects for xc thermal flight with the latest folding propellers and without cages. I am making an extra video because the topic has become very extensive.


Awesome, may I ask what batteries you are currently using? I know you have used “DIY” sony/murata and molicel packs in the past, but I thought I saw on one of these forums or Facebook that you might be using a pre-built batteries now.

hello, i’m flying my diy packs. sony -murata, samsung and molicel. i once showed pictures of finished packs from smoto. I will test these packs soon. i have known the packs from the moskito light project since 2016, but now the bms has evolved and will have a lot more performance than all other packs with bms available. high end from germany :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas, I’m a taker for all the latest updates relating to electric ascent for xc thermal flight. Please share your project and ideas asap. Thanks in advance!

Ps. pls check you mailserver config, its not receiving messages :confused:

hello, i will show some diy projects in my facebooksite in a few weeks.