7S Bonka Size and Weight

I’m trying to find out the dimensions and weight of the 7S bonkas. Don’t suppose anyone has handy? I’m thinking of moving to 7s from 6s. Thanks in advance.


dimensions are in the SHOP.

In shop dimensions and weights are same for both 6s and 7s, which doesn’t make sense. Also 7s has picture of 6s in shop. I’m guessing 7s details are cut and paste of 6s which is why I’m asking. If anyone has actual measurements / weight of 7s it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


They are 1/6th thicker and 1/6th heavier. In other words, the individual cells are the same size.

Which version are you considering them for?

I should get my 7S in less than two weeks. Will post it as soon as I get them.

May use on the next revision of my electric powered hang glider (https://youtu.be/2QEa9IL_ZlM). Really looking for accurate measurements ideally in mm so I can draw in CAD.

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That would be great.

I was at work earlier when I commented. They are 82 x 90 x 205 mm and 2980 grams.

Bonka 25c-7s: 2993g, 21x8x9cm

Great thanks, really appreciate it.

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