6S batteries on alibaba & aliexpress

Seems to be a plethora of labels. And price points including one that looks like a mistake for sure.

I’m thinking mostly one gets what one pays for but how to know which of these are trustworthy?

The Tatu’s are still pricey!

Those are really good prices for Tatu’s… I’ve never seen them for less than $400. Could they be fake copies?

If you mean these

They’re not the smart batteries with the built in BMS.

Yes, I meant those as is with no BMS. I’ve never seen those sold for less the $400. Not sure how much better they would be than the Bonkas but I’d rather have 2 sets of Bonkas for the same price as one set of Tattus.

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I agree. Just placed my order here for 4 Bonkas to get me started. :slight_smile: There were cheaper ones on Alibaba but I know I can trust these. Also since I’m a lighter guy I went with the 6s packs.

Wish the charger was in stock.

Hope ‘better’ batteries are commercialized while I can still use 'em! :slight_smile:

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