4 CW props in my X4 kit

I received 4 CW props with my X4 kit. Did anyone by chance receive 4 CCW props? If so I would be willing to swap 2 of mine for two of yours.

I also received 4 props of same type, there has been a mislabeling issue.
I received correct props after asking Paul and Zach, and decided to keep the 2 extras as spare.

Same here. Mislabelled props apparentely. I’m expecting the replacements next week. I’m sure the spares will come in useful !
I’m suprised all those who recieved the kits haven’t been notified - Paul/Zach??

How are you all communicating with Zach and Paul? I have sent messages the the OpenPPG email account over the past month and I have yet to get a response. At this point I just need to get two CCW props.

Send them a PM on this forum, by clicking their profile photo.
If you are desperate, it is also possible to buy identical props on Aliexpress.
If you search the forum, a link to the item will come up.