3D Printing Files for Connectors

You should have two of these mirrors of each other:

And two of these mirrors of each other:

Assembled they look like this:

Plus two standoffs and four M3x30 bolts

Ok Paul,

So I will 3D print a set of these same pieces 4 times? I would like to change all 4 connectors for the arms.

A question: I have the original connections for the legs and bar will I need to adjust anything there?

I really like your clip for locking the legs in place. As well as your battery set up, I am guessing that is not a 3D printed part? The plexiglass… how can I get any of your parts not 3D printed?

My understanding is that these pieces you have designed for connecting the tube, requires the cutting off of the top part of loop on the existing arms. To fit the cut out in the groove and use the metal bars to keep it strong.

Will the same design work for all 4 arms? I understand that with a set of these, I will have to reduced the length of the tubing.

How much should be cut off? And a dremmel should be able to handle this task?

For the standoffs and screws would I be able to get them at Home Depot?

I hope you are enjoying Fireworks :us:

The only parts I made from plexiglass I redesigned to be 3D printed:

All of the files I’ve uploaded are 3D printable including the battery rails.

Standoffs are already on your machine. The whole machine is built with them. If you need more you probably need to get them online. Bolts can be ordered online if Home Depot doesn’t have the right size.

You need to cut about 0.25” (6mm) off each end of each of the three large hoop sections.

I didn’t adjust the length of the legs so the hoop is slightly oval shape. Not a big deal though.

Here are pictures with the bolts and the standoffs:



Would you do me a big favor? Could you email me directly at Dax.ibiubu@gmail.com all the files that I would need to completely, replace all of the piece for the 4 arms connectors that link to the tubing, the latches, battery mounts and any other improvements you recommend.

I will get them all printed and then I will cut the arms loops with the dremmel, connect my batteries to the rack and go fly my Apco Hybrid.

Please tell me any other parts I might need to order?

I have been overwhelmed in figuring out the parts to send to the 3D printer and thought it might not be that much of a challenge for you.

I really appreciate all your help and my intentions are to be of service to the community in the near future.

Stay Well


I checked GitHub and this thread and I can’t seem to find the Batch 4 version of the hoop connectors. Do you or @Pdwhite have the STL or even better, the design files, available for upload (or can you point me to their current location)?


I only suggested that concept but @Pdwhite drew up the design so you will need to get that from him.

@liaviator Sure here they are tube conector.stl (447.9 KB) tube arm conector.stl (71.8 KB)

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Will the parts for the hoop connectors recently shared work on Batch 3.0

No, the closest thing to it for batch 3 are the ones I already shared with you above.

Does anyone have the lower connector files? I had one break on me mid last week. These are two pieces in batch 4. After it broke I noticed the infill was very light - maybe 10%? I’d like to print these up in Nylon, Tough PLA, or CPE+ with much greater infill and possible a longer section into the tubing.

I’ll share any mods back with the community.

Please see the attached 12.9mm lower frame tube connectors. I received these from @Pdwhite . These should work on Batch 4 machines.

I’m printing up a bunch in CPE (stiffer than PLA and better temperature durability) with a heavy infill. If others need these please message me directly.


leg tube conector 12.9mm.stl (154.8 KB)


Batch 4 Leg Hoop Connector - Scaled X .stl (154.8 KB) All,

I printed these up and found that they need to be narrowed by to about 97% of scale to fit into the tubing. I am printing in CPE+ for strength.

I’m able to do this after-the-fact via my slicer, CURA. I’ll mod the files and repost here however so that you don’t need to worry about this modification.


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