3D printed helmet adaptor


It won’t be long before we’re in the air and collecting video footage. I have a problem with mounting a Sony FDRX-3000 to the top of my Icaro Solar X helmet. Due to the sharp ridges, I can’t mount the Sony adhesive mounting plates. Any ideas of how to make a 3D adaptor that will convert the sharp crown of the helmet to a rounded mount for the Sony plate?


you could make it simple by using Sugru (google it)



This Sugru material looks very versatile and useful. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tip! While looking for Sugru, I ran across another way of making something similar to Sugru for minimal cost and it won’t bond to the helmet (so I can take it off someday). The idea came from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fwytA5r2Mw
This way I can make an adaptor which I can affix with 3M tape and remove later when I want. I’m also wondering if the silicone will act as a slight shock absorber and help to minimize camera shake. We’ll see.


yeah, the sugru is kind of expensive.

The entrepreneur behind this material/company had a lot of press coverage a few years back, so I remembered it. The “Proto Putty” video is awesome, seems to work just the same way and is probably a lot cheaper.

I doubt though, that this material would stick well to a 3M double sided tape. why not make an adapter first, the “proto putty” way, then bond it to the camera and helmet with a very thin layer of additional silicone later. You should be able to remove that easily, if needed.