3d model SP140 V1 prop guard hoop connector plugs

These may have been posted before, but I wasn’t able to find anything so I created my own.
sp140_hoop_connector.stl (49.7 KB)

These are for the round tube hoop guard (SP140 V1).

I found the black ones that came with the hoop to be brittle:

  1. I print them from ABS for better resilience
  2. I print them laying on their side for longitudinal strength, and cut off ~2 layers (in Slic3r), so that there is a flat spot all along one side (gives good adhesion to the bed)
  3. I scale them to 97% (in Slic3r) because my printer is old and imprecise – still requires a little sanding/trimming to fit!



Remade mine from hard wood…and wider because joining the stock would bring the upper hoop 4cm closer to the prop than the lower part.

I emailed support and they promptly sent me an STL file. It’s attached.
V1.1 hoop conector.stl (351.1 KB)

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