3d files and bom


Hi folks,

Where can i get the latest up to date files and also is there a complete bill of material (including motors, esc’s, screws… Well everything) available somewhere ?

I’ve just created an account on GitHub as it’s where things happens apparently but not exactly sure where to go at this point.

Thanks !!!


I was literally just about to hit the + button to ask this question! Hahahaha! Gonna see if I can’t put together a battery holder of sorts.


From what i understand here is where you can find the files: https://github.com/openppg/Mechanical/tree/master/Airframe

Just want to make sure i have the latest version available (as it seems like there’s some issues with holes location in some places ?).

I’m fine with either sw or step files. But having an entire assembly and/or a list of everything would be great (i can definitely make one of it doesn’t exist yet).


Found that hidden in the backlog, however yes, the holes I need to reference on the backplate aren’t in those files :frowning:


Ah! The STEP files are the only ones updated for now. Hmmmm…


Yeah, sorry about that, haven’t had the time to update the SolidWorks files.


Not a problem at all!! Just getting things sorted out in my head :smiley:


So I redid the hoop connectors and made the ends longer. Here are two pics of the printed results.
I have the .STL files and Solidworks .prt files but can’t upload to this site. Maybe I can get them on the GitHub.


Ok, I don’t have push authorization for the GitHub. @davek79 can I send them to you?


Yup, please do. I’ve got a couple other files to include. I’ll also make and index.


Great job configuring longer ends to the hoop connectors, SimLoop! That was needed. I’m going to see if I can can get a set made when the files are posted. Thanks for your effort.


@davek79 , thanks for uploading the hoop components! …but I still need a bit of help.

I run Repetier Host with my home built Kossel delta, and it does not support .sldprt files. When you have time, would you save and upload the parts as .stl files? .stl format works across many printer platforms, and it is a file format that I can work with.

Thanks much for the help!



Bill, both sldprt and stl files were added to the github. Check again


Sorry, Dave, the github layout is new to me…just a bit confusing. If I click on “Airframe” I get to the .stl files. If I click on the description to the right of “Airframe”, I only get the SolidWorks files. I am good now. Thanks for putting all of this out there. It is appreciated! Bill


Does anyone have a list of the “non frame” components ? I mean anything that’s not in the 3d filles like screws and bolts, motors, esc, props, nuts, connectors and so on.
Can’t seem to find it on Github.